The birth of a genre

Hey y’all!

Long time no see, ha? Sorry for the long absence, but I haven’t got any spare time for ages, but it feels good to be back 🙂

In the last two weeks of July I went to Macau, China to do some work at the local university, and that also contributed to my absence here. I wasn’t able to see any local band while I was there, but a little search on the internet brought these guys into my attention – they’re WhyOceans,  a macanese post-rock/alternative band with a very nice sound. Please do check them out!

But, as good as these Macanese are, my post today is dedicated to an entirely different style: electronic music. Yes, I’m not usually very fond of electronic music, but in this past few days I’ve been buried deep in the music of Kraftwerk and I’m growing fonder and fonder of their music. Kraftwerk (and others, like Jean-Michel Jarre) paved the way for most of today’s ambient / new age / dance-pop / techno / house /dubstep /etc… Their 1978 album, Die Mensch Machine was also issued with english lyrics, and the song Das Model / The Model became an international hit.

As you can see, they were renowned for their driving, repetitive rhythms with catchy melodies, mainly following a Western Classical style of harmony, with a minimalistic and strictly electronic instrumentation. During my flight back home I heard this song around 10 times, which for me is a lot 😛 I even recorded my own cover, which you can hear here (do not expect a masterpiece – it was very roughly played/recorded).

To end this comeback post, check Kraftwerk live at Japan at the No Nukes.

See you next time!

Roaming into Summer!

Hi everyone!

Cabo Verde beach praia


As some of you know, the writers of this blog (myself included) live in Portugal, a country in which the summer has arrived several weeks ago – and hopefully will remain for a few more! As so, we (I am assuming it is not just me) feel like listening to summer songs, whatever that is 😛 And although I am not sure what that is, there are some that we can label as “summer songs” quite easily.


Na Ri Na, from Lura, is one of those songs. Lura is a Portuguese singer but her songs are mainly based in Cape Verdean traditional music (she is of Cape Verdean descendent). In 2005 she released her main hit (I guess), Na Ri Na, a great song that makes us want to catch the first flight to Cape Verde to enjoy the beaches and the good weather. Maybe this post helps you to clear your indecisions about this summer vacations 😛


Songs to sing in the shower

ImageHi! Remember me? I’m back from camping and I bring you some old and funny songs to sing in the shower. In this post i will bring up to you some songs that fit perfectly with the moment when we’re showering with other strangers as happens in camping. If you’re thinking of travelling to portugal and stay at a camping place you need to learn these musics. I can guarantee some laughs and that your showering moments will never be the same.

First hit (Caution: this one can bring applauses)

Second hit

Third hit

(This last one was a suggestion made by a friend, thank you DG)

Back to Australia

Today we’ll fly again to our (almost) antipodes – Australia (our antipodes are in New Zealand).

surfingI’d taken you there a few weeks ago to teach you how to write a pop song(I hope you’ve learned something with my post and that by now you’re charting, at least in your home country :P) and Lourenço did the same with the AC/DC.

Well, now I take you back there to show you a great instrumental from an Australian band – if you thought of The John Butler Trio, you got it right. I am not a great fan of them (I have been listening to them lately, trying to find whether they made other great songs, but so far I have found nothing that suits my taste :P), but this song is really amazing and worth listening. So that’s what you are going to do now by clicking in the play button below 😉