My own summer

Hey guys and girls!’m not going to post the Deftones song called My Own Summer, specially because it has nothing to do with Summer (in my point of view, of course). Nope, I mean to post the type of music I’m compelled to listen to when summer arrives: real rock and roll! During most of the year I drift from heavy to classical, passing through moody, doomy, cheesy, heart-felt, whatever, but when the heat starts to rise, I must rock ‘n’ roll! And, though I’m a bit biased towards British bands, Americans really know how to do simple, catchy rock ‘n’ roll songs!

So, here’s a small list of songs I love to listen to when driving to the beach or anywhere else, for that matter 😛

Ok, the last song is a bit more 80’s than the others, but it is still a great song!

Hope you enjoy this, and here’s the post playlist!

Roaming into Summer!

Hi everyone!

Cabo Verde beach praia


As some of you know, the writers of this blog (myself included) live in Portugal, a country in which the summer has arrived several weeks ago – and hopefully will remain for a few more! As so, we (I am assuming it is not just me) feel like listening to summer songs, whatever that is 😛 And although I am not sure what that is, there are some that we can label as “summer songs” quite easily.


Na Ri Na, from Lura, is one of those songs. Lura is a Portuguese singer but her songs are mainly based in Cape Verdean traditional music (she is of Cape Verdean descendent). In 2005 she released her main hit (I guess), Na Ri Na, a great song that makes us want to catch the first flight to Cape Verde to enjoy the beaches and the good weather. Maybe this post helps you to clear your indecisions about this summer vacations 😛